"Hug Me Forever" Couple Necklace

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"Hug Me Forever" Couple Necklace

This couple necklace connects to each other and forms a love shape when you hug your partner. A way of saying; hold me tight with you and don't leave me!

Let your loved one know you have a piece of them with you at all times.

This is sweet for a better dad and daughter/son relationship, for improved couple affection and intimacy.  Leaving someone temporarily to catch up with the day to day activities can be hard, this necklace would let them know you're always connected with them no matter where they are.

A Couple Necklace for your loved one!

They are gently and well crafted with a Faceted Heart charm design. Believe in love, it heals, it satisfies, it's blind.


  • Material: Rope & Alloy
  • Metals Type: Aluminium
  • Pendant: 2 x 1cm/0.8"x0.4"
  • Chain Length: 60cm/24"

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pc x Black Heart Pendant.
  • 1 Pc x Silver Heart Pendant 
  • (Both forms the "Hug Me Forever" Couple Necklace)