Relationship Bracelets for Couples


Relationship Bracelets for Couples

How strong is your relationship? 

Tougher than steel?

Perfect! We provide high-quality Relationship Bracelets for Couples in UK, USA. You can now put that on display and let this beautifully handcrafted necklace + bracelet show there's just one special person who has the exact key to your heart.

If You Love Unique Bracelets And Necklaces, Then Our Relationship Bracelets For Couples And Lock Necklaces Are For You! 

You're going to love this unique conversation starter for yourself or as a gift for the special bracelet and necklace lover in your life!
  • This Relationship Bracelets for Couples is a true promise of real love. Why? Because once you put this bracelet on, it won't come off until you unlock it with the necklace. The key in the necklace is what unlocks the heart in the bracelet. Just like you are the key to your lover's heart. 
  • This couple's Relationship Bracelets and necklace represent a couple's uniqueness and your eccentric fashion sense! 
  • Wearing this bracelet and necklace will help you, as a couple, to be the center of attention. People can't help but notice its unique design!
  • Bracelet Length: 55 mm (2.1 inches)
  • You and your partner will always keep each other's hearts to yourselves with these bracelets. Each bracelet represents you and your partner's heart. 
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • The best part of this couple's bracelet and the necklace is that the heart and the key of the bracelet and the necklace respectively represent the promises you make in love. It also indicates that the only key to your lover's heart is you!
  • One size fits all!